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     We are Investors. We know the value and profit that Real Estate can bring. We also know that doing our own marketing will save money for the Buyer and ourselves.  

    In reality, all Real Estate is "For Sale By Owner".  Most owners just hire a realtor as their choice for a Marketing plan.  We at Freestate Properties choose to sell our own properties.  However, we are more than willing to work with Real Estate agents and will pay them a 4% seller's commission.  This is more than a typical seller's commission but, we are still able to save approximately 2% by doing it our way. 

     There was a time when buyers could not get enough quality information about what properties were available:

          Geographic Area

          Asking Prices         

          Ample Selection

          Related Details About Each Property

    All of this information is used to make a comparative evaluation as to whether or not the asking price of a particular property is reasonable.  Ultimately, the information is necessary so that the Buyer can end up with a good deal on a property that suits them.  Today said information is much more readily available and exchanged.  

     Millions of people buy computers "direct" from Dell and stocks "direct" through Etrade.  Because the increase in flow of information down the Information Super Highway has empowered the consumer to not need a middleman as much, if at all.  One day, maybe all real estate will be sold "this way" as well.